Friday, February 5, 2016



Many a times I encounter people who are amazed at my dancing skills but look at their two feet and exclaim, “I can’t dance!”. This makes me sad.
I believe anybody can dance. Just go with the flow and the rhythm will catch on you. It isn’t hard as it is made to be and you will definitely loosen up some tight muscles that you have got lately.
Dance never has to be in sync motion or in patterned way. Dance just has to be done with amazing feeling of letting you go free. That’s why dance makes me free. I feel unbound and unburdened.
The problem is that we stop dancing after a certain age and feel ashamed to dance as adults. I teach dance to adults and believe me – they have never felt better and more alive before.

So this is my appeal to you – don’t let go off your rhythm of joy. Just dance!

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